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raw lapis lazuli and round lapis beadsWe are all attracted to gemstones. When we think of gemstones we usually think of Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires. Equally prized are the semiprecious gemstones such as Jade, Jasper, Agate and Onyx. For thousands of years semiprecious gemstones have been used for adornment and as a symbol of power. They also have been prized for more than their beauty. Each has a sacred meaning and is used for their spiritual and healing properties.

Gemstones were created as the earth formed and have continued to be created as the planet has changed. They are the earth’s DNA providing a chemical imprint of earth’s evolution. Gemstones are contained in any of three types of rock...

Igneous Rock is created deep within the earth from molten magma. As the magma rises within the earth’s core it fills crevices The magma begins to cool in the crevices forming crystals. The slower a rock cools and solidifies the larger the crystals and gemstones are that form within it. Some gemstones, like Obsidian, cool so quickly that no crystals are formed resulting in a smooth glass-like quality.

Sedimentary Rock occurs as erosion breaks down portions of larger rock. The fragments settle and the pressure within the earth harden them into rock again. This pressure creates gemstones within the rocks as they reform. Sedimentary rocks are usually found in layers within the earth or as fragments that have again broken off and been carried to streams, rivers or the oceans.

Metamorphic Rock begins as either igneous or sedimentary rocks. They then are changed by heat and pressure within the earth to form new rocks with new minerals. As the new rocks are formed gemstones can grow within them. Garnets and Rubies are examples of gemstones that come from Metamorphic Rock.

The largest producers of gemstones are Africa and South America, however gemstones can be found all over the world. Diamonds, for example, are mined in Africa, South America, Russia and Australia. This is possible because gemstones are identified by their internal structure and not by the minerals that comprise them. Therefore, gemstones can take on various colors and textures in their outer surface depending on the minerals they contain. So we see white and yellow diamonds, yellow and blue topaz and agates of all colors.

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Raw Amethyst and Quartz crystals.Healing: Regardless of the type of rock a gemstone comes from, its crystalline structure can absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy. Gemstones work through resonance and vibration allowing them to focus sound and light vibrations. While there is skepticism on the healing ability of gemstones there is agreement from the scientific world that gemstones do absorb, emit and focus energy. For instance, modern medicine uses crystals in ultrasound machines to create the sound waves it uses.

These qualities and their relation to the body has been a part of many ancient civilizations and is the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as modern yoga and acupuncture. The Chakra System, or the idea of subtle vital forces and channels of energy, was first documented in 2000 BC and comes from an ancient word for wheel or disk. The Chakra identifies the basic energy centers of the body. Each of these centers correlates to major nerves branching from the spinal column. Healers place stones on or around the body at these centers to aid the body in healing itself.

For example, Agate heals lungs, blood vessels and the lymphatic system and would be placed at the Heart Chakra, Amethyst heals insomnia and reduces headaches and is placed at the Crown Chakra. Egypt and Rome documented the use of crushed gemstones, such as jade, as medicines used to treat the wealthy. Wearing gemstones as jewelry is believed to enhance their properties as they come into direct contact with human pulse points allowing faster and greater exchange of energy. The human pulse points are on either side of the neck, the wrists, ankles, forehead and neck.

For healing attributes of specific gemstones, please visit the Chakra page.

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History: Gemstones also have a rich history. The Crusaders placed Agate on their shields to assure strength and victory in battle. Other warriors wore Jasper to give them loyalty and inner strength. Many swords were adorned with Garnet for protection. It is said that Moses was given the Ten Commandments on slates of Sapphire and that Bloodstone was created by the blood of Christ as it dripped from the cross onto the Jasper below. Aquamarine is believed to have originated in the treasure chests of mermaids. Holy men wore Sapphire known as the Stone of Holy Blessings believing it would bring them closer to God. Lapis was used by ancient Egypt to access sacred knowledge. Greek maidens carried Onyx to ward off unwanted admirers. Women of ancient Rome wore Rose Quartz to prevent wrinkles and promote a good complexion.

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